This section includes various articles that do not fit anywhere else. These articles may explore, analyze, and/or interpret more subtle elements of the series. All articles are based solely on the opinions and interpretations of the writer, and may not be correct or intentional.


Evangelion Timeline

Not analysis in the truest sense, but rather a comprehensive timeline of events mentioned in the series and the movies.


Adam and Lilith Mythology

Part of the appeal of Evangelion is its heavy use of Judeo-Christian symbolism in a science fiction setting. The Judaic myth of Adam and his rebellious first wife Lilith is of particular significance.


Adam and Lilith Duality

A translation mistake during a conversation between Misato Katsuragi and Shinji Ikari in the Evangelion feature films has caused much confusion in regards to the relationship between Adam and Lilith.


Freudian Psychology Theory

Evangelion relies heavily on psychology and psychoanalysis as its three main characters suffer from various emotional disorders. This article is a crash course in Freudian Psychology, and how it applies to Evangelion.


Is Evangelion Overrated?

Some critics of Neon Genesis Evangelion claim the series to be overrated, while fans scream bloody murder in response. So is Evangelion a triumph of artistic merit, our inconsistent storytelling? Who is right?


Alternate Endings

Neon Genesis Evangelion is infamous for its ending, and what some call the poor depiction of the Human Instrumentality Project. This article attempts to shine some light and perhaps reconcile the controversial endings of the anime series and The End of Evangelion theatrical film.



Top 10 Lists

Considering the content, Evangelion tends to be more of a serious form of entertainment. However even a show like Evangelion needs a little humor.


A Normal Day

An amusing fan fic by Jose Argao describing a normal day in the lives of our favorite Evangelion cast.

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