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Top 10 signs you watched too much Evangelion.

  1. You can recite all 17 Angels in order, and then give a three-hour lecture on why you believe the Lilim cannot possibly be the 18th Angel.
  2. During a routine fire drill at school you run around frantically looking for the nearest emergency shelter, screaming that an Angel is coming.
  3. You call your car the EVA-mobile.
  4. You insist on wearing your Plug Suit to the office, claiming it increases your Sync Ratio and therefore your performance.
  5. Incidentally, your boss is too scared to argue.
  6. You are the proud founder (and only member) of the Church of Evangelionology. 'Our father, who art in Japan, hallowed be thy name...'
  7. You run an Evangelion web site.
  8. You change your legal name to Eva Kickass.
  9. You cosplay Asuka, even though you're a guy.
  10. You actually read this crap.

Top 8 Evangelion outtakes.

  1. As fan service Misato slaps Ritsuko at least once every episode.
  2. Gendo during the attack of Matarael: 'I need power Scotty!'
  3. Ritsuko: 'Modify the phase variance! Invert the Klein space! Sea of Dirac! Ego border! Unit-00 wants to kill me! AAH!!' Maya: 'With all due respect ma'am, what the HELL have you been putting in your cereal?'
  4. Misato stumbles into the NERV Command Center.*Hic* 'Hey, Gendooo! When to teh chicksh get here?' *falls down, bottle of saki in hand*
  5. Gendo's final words to Dr. Ritsuko Akagi before he shoots her: *Darth Vader voice* 'I am your father!'
  6. Pen² shoots Kaji in a fit of jealousy over Misato.
  7. Following the Third Impact Pen² becomes King of the World, randomly declaring that someone named Luke Skywalker must not become a Jedi.
  8. The true unedited script for The End of Evangelion as written by Hideaki Anno: Gendo Ikari sniffs cocaine for two hours, running in circles screaming 'Retreat! Retreat! Wooooooot!!!' The End.
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