Evangelion ScreenshotName: Arael, Angel of Birds
Classification: The Fifteenth Angel
Appears in Episode: 22

Arael is the Fifteenth Angel, and is the first of three Angels that utilize psychological rather than physical means of attack. Its physical form resembles that of a glowing bird (though it is also often described as a crystallized skeleton). It has an exposed Core in the vicinity of its legs.

Arael appears in high orbit, where it remains out of range of the Evangelion Units. Long-range conventional weapons are deployed but prove ineffective against its AT Field. Arael's only form of attack is a concentrated energy wave with properties similar to that of a projected AT Field. This wave, appearing as a beam of bright light, is used against Evangelion Unit-02. While causing no physical damage, it inflicts severe mental trauma on the pilot, Asuka Langley Sohryu. The incident exposes Asuka to relive many of her long-repressed memories, in effect incapacitating her and Evangelion Unit-02.

While the attack is often portrayed as a form of psychological rape, it may also be an attempt by Arael to understand the human mind (and possibly communicate). This would in turn make it a highly intelligent Angel. Arael is ultimately destroyed by Rei Ayanami and Evangelion Unit-00 by the use of the Lance of Longinus, which as a result is lost in lunar orbit.


  • Mythology of Arael, the Angel of Birds

    Acording to myth, the name Arael literally means 'Vision of God', possibly referring to its form of attack. Unlike previous Angels, Arael makes no attempt to physically harm Evangelion Unit-02, and instead shows Asuka Langley Sohryu a vision that ultimately breaks her mind and her resolve to fight. This tactic is quite symbolic. It is but a spotlight that Arael casts upon Evangelion Unit-02 to force it to reflect upon itself (during which time the 'Hallelujah Chorus' begins to play). Since upon synchronization an Evangelion Unit becomes the pseudo-body of its pilot, such a spotlight inevitably forces Asuka to look upon herself in the form of a demon. In other words, Arael shows Asuka the light—but instead of being mesmerized by it, she cries out in terror (she is after all a Lilith-based life form).
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