Evangelion ScreenshotName: Bardiel, Angel of Hail
Classification: The Thirteenth Angel
Appears in Episode: 18

Bardiel is the Thirteenth Angel, and is often compared to Ireul, the Eleventh Angel due to its microscopic size.

Bardiel spawns inside a cumulonimbus, a type of vertical cloud that is very dense, and typically involved in bad weather. It is also considered to be extremely dangerous to aircraft, and therefore avoided. However the plane transporting Evangelion Unit-03 from America to Japan was eager to meet its arrival time, entering the cloud regardless. An electrical discharge marks Bardiel's invasion of Evangelion Unit-03.

It is not until Evangelion Unit-03 is activated and nearly synchronizes with its pilot, Touji Suzuhara, that the Angel takes control of the construct. In its efforts to escape, Bardiel causes a massive explosion at NERV's Matsushiro site, severely damaging the facility and injuring several senior NERV officials, including Operations Director Misato Katsuragi and Dr. Ritsuko Akagi.

As Bardiel escapes, it becomes clear that the Angel does not use the unit's internal battery. Apparently Bardiel had not been completely dormant prior to the activation of Evangelion Unit-03, instead taking the time to transmute the construct to improve not only its mobility, but also to add new capabilities. Among the enhancements include a fully-functional Sē Engine, a type of bacterial liquid used to infect enemy tissue, and extended arms.

Evangelion ScreenshotUsing these enhanced abilities, Bardiel successfully overpowers Evangelion Unit-00 and Evangelion Unit-02. While the battle with Evangelion Unit-01 is not quite as easy, it is complicated by the fact that Shinji Ikari refuses to fight back for fear of harming the other pilot (whose identify he does not yet know).

Frustrated by Shinji's hesitation and more concerned with the destruction of the Angel and the progression of his scenario, NERV Commander Gendo Ikari orders the activation of the Dummy Plug, causing Evangelion Unit-01 to go berserk. As a result Bardiel is savagely ripped apart by Evangelion Unit-01.


  • Mythology of Bardiel, the Angel of Hail

    Bardiel is named after Barachiel, an Archangel of Eastern Orthodox tradition. He is often associated with hail and lightning. Bardiel literally means 'Humiliated Son of God,' possibly referring to its need to possess an Evangelion Unit in its attempt to infiltrate NERV, as opposed to appearing in its own physical form (alluding to the myths of Angels bearing the bodies of demons in order to pass through hell unscathed).
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