Evangelion Unit-02

Evangelion ScreenshotModel: Production Type
Developer: NERV-03 (Germany)
Pilot: Asuka Langley Sohryu, Kaworu Nagisa

Evangelion Unit-02, also referred to as Eva-02, is the third Evangelion construct and the first Production Model. While the first two units were to a large degree experimental, Evangelion Unit-02 is the culmination of that research, and is specifically adapted and enhanced for combat. Among the various improvements includes four optical sensors, a box-cutter style Progressive Knife, and a Needle Gun Launcher located in its shoulder.

In addition to external differences, the internal composition of Evangelion Unit-02 is different from previous models. While Evangelion Unit-01 has red bodily fluid akin to that of human blood, Evangelion Unit-02's bodily fluid is blue.

Evangelion ScreenshotThe unit is assembled at NERV-03 in Germany and transported to Japan following the appearance of Ramiel, the Fifth Angel. During transport by the U.N. Pacific Fleet, Evangelion Unit-02 encounters Gaghiel, the Sixth Angel. The Angel is eventually defeated in what is the first and only under-water deployment of an Evangelion Unit.

Evangelion Unit-02 is piloted by Asuka Langley Sohryu, the Second Child, who was chosen as its pilot in 2005 A.D. She is the most enthusiastic and highly trained of the Evangelion pilots. While Asuka herself is not aware of this, Evangelion Unit-02 possesses the Soul of her mother, Kyouko Zeppelin Sohryu. Kyouko was also heavily involved with NERV, but suffered an emotional breakdown following a contact experiment with Evangelion Unit-02. It is implied that she was left an empty shell following the experiment, and committed suicide shortly after.

Towards the end of the series, a string of defeats result in Asuka's mental collapse, leaving Evangelion Unit-02 unusable until the arrival of Kaworu Nagisa, the Fifth Child. Kaworu however turns out to be Tabris, the Seventeenth Angel. The Angel eventually hijacks Evangelion Unit-02 and engages Evangelion Unit-01 in combat in the bowels of Terminal Dogma.


Following a spectacular battle inside the Geo Front against the Strategic Self Defense Force, Evangelion Unit-02 is eventually destroyed by SEELE's Evangelion Units 05-13 as seen in The End of Evangelion.

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