Evangelion Units 05-13

Evangelion ScreenshotModel: Mass Production Type
Developer: SEELE
Pilot: Kaworu Nagisa Dummy Plugs

While the previous Evangelion Units were of varying designs and capabilities, Evangelion Units 05-13 are all identical in design. They are the final Mass Production Type models, and represent the culmination of the research conducted by Project E. Unlike their predecessors, these units are not used to defend against the Angels. They were instead produced by SEELE exclusively for the purposes of the Human Instrumentality Project.

Evangelion ScreenshotThe physical characteristics of these units are very different. Although their basic body structure remains the same (two arms, two legs), these units have elongated heads without any visible facial features except for a large mouth. They also have retractable wings that allow them to fly, as well as red bodily fluid akin to that of blood.

One of the most distinctive features of the Mass Production Type models is the revolutionary Sē Engine, which generates a seemingly unlimited supply of energy. Therefore these units do not require Umbilical Cables to function, and can stay in combat indefinitely. This technology, like the Evangelion Units themselves, was adapted through research on the Angels.

Evangelion ScreenshotEvangelion Units 05-13 are armed with replicas of the Lance of Longinus. In addition to being able to penetrate AT Fields like the original Lance of Longinus, these weapons have polymorphic capabilities, allowing them to change shape to form various other solid cutting weapons.

They are piloted by Kaworu Nagisa Dummy Plugs, and are first introduced in The End of Evangelion as SEELE's trump card against Evangelion Unit-02. Although outnumbered with only five minutes of power remaining, Asuka Langley Sohryu and Evangelion Unit-02 manage to inflict an impressive amount of damage to these Mass Production Models. As a result, many have speculated that the combat potential of Dummy Plug-operated Evangelion Units is rather limited when compared to a trained human pilot.


After fulfilling their role in the Human Instrumentality Project as seen in The End of Evangelion, these units are turned to stone and fall back to Earth.


  • Regenerative abilities?

    A continuity problem following the battle with Evangelion Unit-02 in The End of Evangelion led many fans to believe that Evangelion Units 05-13 had regenerative abilities. This is not the case. Although these units sustained heavy damage, none were destroyed. Following scenes also confirm that this damage remained, and no regeneration took place.
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