Ryoji Kaji

Evangelion ScreenshotName: Ryoji Kaji
Title: NERV Special Inspector
Age: 31
Birthday: June 17, 1984
Sex: Male

Ryoji Kaji (always referred to by his last name Kaji instead of his first name), is most notably the love interest of NERV Operations Director Misato Katsuragi. He is a James Bond-type character often seen as a jovial playboy. He is however a triple agent, working at NERV as a Special Inspector, while secretly investigating it for the Japanese Government, and at times acting as a cats paw for and against Gendo Ikari and SEELE.

Despite his jovial image, Kaji is actually a very serious individual. His goal is play whatever side he must to figure out what all these secretive organizations (Gehirn, NERV, SEELE) are up to. In college Kaji and Misato Katsuragi also had a very intimate relationship, which they eventually rekindle upon his return to Japan.

Ultimately Kaji is shot and killed by an unknown assailant. His killer is one of the biggest mysteries of the series, and is often a topic of heated discussion among fans. This is primarily because at that point in the series both NERV and SEELE had reasons to kill him. Some even speculate Misato might have shot him, however this is unlikely considering her reaction to his death (furthermore director Hideaki Anno has stated that it was not Misato). Theories include that it was an agent of Section 2 (NERV's Intelligence Division), Gendo Ikari, or even Ritsuko Akagi. Before his death, Kaji gave Misato all the data he had accumulated on the Human Instrumentality Project.

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