Kiel Lorenz

Evangelion ScreenshotName: Kiel Lorenz
Title: SEELE Member
Age: Unknown
Birthday: Unknown
Sex: Male

Kiel Lorenz is a prominent member of SEELE and chairman of the Human Instrumentality Committee. While issuing orders to NERV, he is often critical of NERV Commander Gendo Ikari and his motives. In The End of Evangelion he is also revealed to have numerous cybernetic limbs, though no explanation is given as to why. Considering his sensitive position at SEELE, very few details are offered pertaining to his background.


  • Romanization of Kiel Lorenz

    Due to the romanization process (the representation of a different writing system using the Roman alphabet by the use of transliteration or transcription) that is used to translate Japanese into English, at times subtle variances in spelling have been observed. These variances typically involve silent vowels and have little to no bearing on pronunciation. In this case, Kiel Lorenz is also often referred to as Keel Lorenz. All variances refer to the same character.
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