Naoko Akagi

Evangelion ScreenshotName: Naoko Akagi
Title: Gehirn Bio-Systems Engineer
Age: Unknown
Birthday: Unknown
Sex: Female

Dr. Naoko Akagi is most notably the mother of Ritsuko Akagi and the developer of the MAGI Super-Computer System. While a brilliant scientist, she is consumed by her work, leaving little time for a personal life or her daughter. She also has an illicit relationship with Gendo Ikari following the death of his wife, Yui Ikari. While her feelings for him may be genuine, Gendo only uses them to manipulate and ensure her performance.

Shortly following the completion of the MAGI Super-Computer System, Naoko finds out from Rei Ayanami (Rei-I) that Gendo calls her an old hag, and that he was only using her to complete the project. After strangling the child in a fit of rage, Naoko commits suicide by plunging from the command tower onto the MAGI. She becomes the only member of Gehirn not to be transferred to NERV.

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