Evangelion ScreenshotName: Sachiel, Angel of Water
Classification: The Third Angel
Appears in Episode: 1, 2, 14

Sachiel is the Third Angel, and appears fifteen years following the events of the Second Impact.

Sachiel is first spotted off the coast of Japan at the start of Neon Genesis Evangelion, where it is engaged by the U.N. Forces and the Strategic Self Defense Force. Despite their best efforts, Sachiel's AT Field proves impenetrable by conventional weapons. As a result Nē Weapons are deployed as a last resort. Although they also prove inadequate, the sheer destructive power of these weapons partially damage the Angel, forcing it to pause and regenerate.

Evangelion ScreenshotAfter regenerating, Sachiel marches on to New Tokyo-3, making it the first Angel to reach the city. Although initially Sachiel does not appear to have any long-range offensive weapons, nor any knowledge of airborne targets, it quickly adapts after being engaged by such weapons.

In addition to its regenerative abilities and relatively strong AT Field, Sachiel has two close-combat spear-shaped weapons sheathed in its forearms. Eventually it also develops a type of long-range particle beam that it uses against New Tokyo-3. After incapacitating and puncturing the brain case of Evangelion Unit-01, Sachiel is ultimately overpowered when Evangelion Unit-01 enters a Berserk state. Despite its impressive arsenal, Sachiel is not able to overcome the enraged construct, and self-destructs in its final but futile attempt to destroy it.

Based on Neon Genesis Evangelion Platinum: 01 DVD Booklet


  • Mythology of Sachiel, the Angel of Water

    Sachiel is named after an Angel from Judeo-Christian scriptures. He is believed to be a Cherub (one of the highest orders of Angels, second only to the Seraphim and God himself). The name is typically translated to 'The Covering of God.' Sachiel is also known as 'The Angel of Water,' although little emphasis is placed on this other than the fact he first appears in water. Sachiel is also typically associated with the planet Jupiter.
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