Evangelion ScreenshotName: Zeruel, Angel of Might
Classification: The Fourteenth Angel
Appears in Episode: 19

Zeruel is the Fourteenth Angel, and is often considered to be the most powerful and destructive of the Angels.

Zeruel's physical form appears almost humanoid, with a skull-shaped head, a massive body, small legs, and arm-like devices hanging from its shoulders. It resembles a sumo-wrestler in shape; symbolic of the fact this Angel governs physical might, strength, or power. It has no use for agility or speed, and its tactics are similar to that of a tank, overwhelming targets with brute force. Although it has legs which it can stand on, it is mostly seen levitating.

The Angel appears shortly after Bardiel, during a time when Shinji Ikari, upset with his father over the Dummy Plug incident, resolves to leave NERV and New Tokyo-3. As a result Evangelion Unit-01 proves inoperable, leaving Rei Ayanami and Asuka Langley Sohryu to stop the Angel. However Zeruel is not considered the most powerful Angel without good reason. Upon arriving in New Tokyo-3 with little warning, a single shot of its particle cannon penetrates 18 out of the 22 layers of armor protecting the Geo Front. Conventional defense batteries also prove useless against its AT Field.

Evangelion ScreenshotUpon breaching the Geo Front (the first Angel to do so by using brute force), Zeruel is confronted by Evangelion Unit-02. Asuka neutralizes the Angel's AT Field and attacks it using several weapons, none of which prove effective. Zeruel then unfolds two razor-sharp blades that it uses as arms. Within moments it severs the arms and head of Evangelion Unit-02.

Following Asuka's defeat, Rei Ayanami (in the still damaged Evangelion Unit-00) attempts an unauthorized kamikaze attack utilizing Nē Weapons. While she successfully penetrates Zeruel's AT Field and detonates the bomb on target, Zeruel displays yet another unique ability. Its normally exposed Core is instantly covered by a defensive membrane akin to that of a human eye lid. The Angel emerges from the fires unscathed, incapacitating Evangelion Unit-00 with ease.

Evangelion ScreenshotWith Evangelion Unit-01 refusing to activate without Shinji Ikari, Zeruel presses the attack, also becoming the first Angel to physically invade Central Dogma, causing extreme damage to NERV Headquarters and the Command Center.

Zeruel is ultimately destroyed when Evangelion Unit-01 (with Shinji Ikari onboard) awakens in a berserk state. The incident is the first on record where a 400% Sync Ratio is observed. Following the Angel's defeat Evangelion Unit-01 consumes its remains, including the Sē Engine. As a result Evangelion Unit-01 becomes the first complete Evangelion construct, and becomes feared by SEELE, whose members see it as a God.

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