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Until September 13, 2000, Antarctica was the Earth's southernmost continent located at the South Pole. It was destroyed during the events of the Second Impact, and is now completely submerged by a sea devoid of life, with pillars of ice (or salt) protruding its red surface.

While it is unclear if the cause is a form of residual radiation or something entirely different, but the area is extremly hostile to life, and Humans must be shielded behind thick barriers. NERV Commander Gendo Ikari refers to this area as the true Dead Sea, an area purified of original sin.


  • The True Dead Sea

    In reality the Dead Sea is a lake on the border of Israel and Jordan. It is considered to be the lowest exposed point on the Earth's surface, with it's deepest point at approximately 400m. It is called the Dead Sea due to it's high salt concentration (approximately 35%), which prevents fish or other macroscopic aquatic organisms from surviving (although trace amounts of bacteria and microbial fungi are still present).
  • The name Antarctica

    The name Antarctica is a romanized version of the Greek compound word Antarktikι, meaning 'Opposite of the Arctic.'
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