Artificial Evolution Laboratory

Evangelion ScreenshotAppears in Episode: 21

A United Nations-sanctioned laboratory in Hakone, Japan. An accident in 2004 took the life of Yui Ikari, which gave rise to public censure and much negative publicity. The director at the time was Yui's husband, Gendo Ikari, who was accused of murdering his wife. Naoko Akagi and Kouzou Fuyutsuki were also employed at the laboratory.

The Artificial Evolution Laboratory is actually a front for the base of operations for Gehirn, which was secretly researching and developing the MAGI Super-Computer System, Project E, and the Human Instrumentality Project. This laboratory is also where Rei Ayanami was created.

Based on Neon Genesis Evangelion Platinum: 04 DVD Booklet

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