Black Moon

Evangelion ScreenshotDuring the climax of The End of Evangelion, following what SEELE calls the Red Earth Purification Ceremony (an initial stage of Third Impact), physical shockwaves devastate the New Tokyo-3 area to reveal the Geo Front for what it really is—a massive subterranean cavity called the Black Moon.

The Black Moon (also referred to as Lilith's Egg) is the source of all human life, and as the Third Impact and the instrumentality of mankind continues, all human Souls are eventually drawn back into the egg to be complemented into a single entity.

Based on The Red Cross Book


  • Origin of the Black Moon

    The Black Moon is a seed of life created by the First Ancestor Civilization in their efforts to propagate life across the universe. It is one of two such seeds to have landed upon the Earth. The White Moon is the other.
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