Evangelion ScreenshotIndividuals qualified to pilot the Evangelion Units. Believed to be limited to children born just following the Second Impact. They are called Children and identified as First, Second, etc., in the order that they are selected by the Marduk Institute.

Of these, the First (Rei Ayanami) and the Third (Shinji Ikari) have very similar synchronization profiles, and have successfully experimented with switching Evangelion Units. The children have all been gathered at Public Middle School 1 in New Tokyo-3, and all the students in class 2-A are candidates.

Based on Neon Genesis Evangelion Platinum: 04 DVD Booklet


  • A Grammar Issue

    Initially the word 'Children' was used without a distinction between its plural and singular forms (child vs. children). Although this was stated to be intentional by Gainax, subsequent English dubbings of the series and movies by ADV Films and Manga Entertainment all use the grammatically correct forms. Since referring to 'The First Child' as 'The First Children' is inconsistent with English grammar and offers no real value, aesthetic or otherwise, this site also uses the correct plural and singular forms.
  • Repository of Evangelion Pilots

    The series is vague about the Children, though Misato Katsuragi does mention all students in class 2-A of Public Middle School 1 to be fourth-level pilot candidates. During selection of the Fourth Child, Ritsuko Akagi is also on record as saying that a Core can be prepared for this child. It has been theorized that all Children in class 2-A would therefore have mothers whose Souls the Marduk Institute would have access to. Naturally such a disturbing theory has been a subject of much debate. Would NERV go as far as harvesting the Souls of mothers to use their children as pilots?
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