Dummy System

Evangelion ScreenshotAppears in Episode: 14, 17

A system of utilizing Dummy Plugs to imitate a pilot's thought patterns in order to activate an unmanned Evangelion Unit.

Project E lead Dr. Ritsuko Akagi describes the development of the Dummy System as insurance for the continued survival of mankind. This is primarily due to the limited supply of qualified pilots. It is also however, seen as an attempt to avoid the independant and sometimes unpredictable behavior of human pilots.

The system itself is located deep inside the bowels of NERV Headquarters in an area known as Terminal Dogma, and resembles a giant artificial brain-like device with an attached tube filled with L.C.L. Rei Ayanami is repeatedly shown floating in this tube, during which the system is believed to read and copy her personality and thought patterns to be used inside Dummy Plugs.

The Dummy Plug installed on Evangelion Unit-01 was first used in combat against Bardiel, the Thirteenth Angel. Following Shinji Ikari's refusal to fight, NERV Commander Gendo Ikari orders Evangelion Unit-01 to be reactivated using a Dummy Plug. While Evangelion Unit-01 had activated, it's resulting actions were so brutal and unlike the piloting of Rei Ayanami that even NERV Headquarters was left shocked. It is not until the appearance of SEELE's Evangelion Units 05-13 that the technology proves stable.


  • Ritsuko Akagi

    Ritsuko Akagi, the supervisor in charge of overseeing NERV's Dummy System, ends up destroying it by killing the various Rei Ayanami clones stored inside Terminal Dogma just prior to the Third Impact. She does this in front of Shinji Ikari as a result of being betrayed by his father Gendo (see Episode 23).
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