Jet Alone

Evangelion ScreenshotAppears in Episode: 7

A giant nuclear-powered robotic construct created for the Japanese Government by an independent corporation. Unlike the Evangelion Units produced by NERV, Jet Alone is equipped with an onboard nuclear reactor, allowing it to function without external power for a period of 150 days.

Jet Alone was in fact constructed as a possible replacement for the unstable Evangelion Units. However, its first public demonstration ended in a near nuclear disaster when its control systems were sabotaged by NERV agents. The incident cause much public embarrassment, and as a result the entire Jet Alone project was cancelled.


  • Jet Alone Name

    The name Jet Alone was derived from the robot Jet Jaguar, from the special effects film Godzilla vs. Megalon (1973). Jet Jaguar was a robot whose design was chosen from submissions from the public, and when it was initially announced, its name was Red Alone. Jet Alone is a name made by combining Red Alone and Jet Jaguar.
  • Jet Alone Programming

    In a brief shot of Jet Alone's programming interface, it is revealed that Jet Alone has 640 + 2048 TB (terabytes) of memory.
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