S Engine

Evangelion ScreenshotAn abbreviation for Super Solenoid Engine (also referred to as the S Organ). It is a device that generates energy based on the principles of the S Theory. It is first observed as the power source of the Giant of Light at the South Pole in Antarctica prior to the Second Impact.

All Angels use this engine as their power source, allowing them to function indefinitely without any external power (eternal life in other words). The S Engine is therefore often referred to as the Fruit of Life, which is inherent to all Adam-based life forms born of the White Moon (the Angels). Experiments on creating a working prototype of such a device have been taking place in many NERV and SEELE installations around the world.

NERV-02 in the United States was the first to attempt to equip an Evangelion Unit with an S Engine. However, the prototype engine failed upon activation, resulting in a catastrophe that consumed NERV-02, Evangelion Unit-04, and everything within an 89km radius. While sabotage was suspected, it was never proven. Fortunately, all research data was backed-up in Germany.

Evangelion Unit-01 eventually obtains an S Engine by consuming it from the remains of Zeruel, the Fourteenth Angel. SEELE's mass-produced Evangelion Units 05-13 also come equipped with fully functional S Engines.

Based on Neon Genesis Evangelion Platinum: 06 DVD Booklet


  • Part of the Core?

    The S Engine is never shown in the series, leading to speculation that it may either be the Core, or be part of the Core that all Angels and Evangelion Units are believed to posses. This is unconfirmed however.
  • Organ or Engine?

    The words organ and engine are interchangeable in the Japanese language. This has resulted in varying translations, but both refer to the same object.
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