Third Impact

Evangelion ScreenshotThe final calamity following the First Impact and the Second Impact. Publically, it is believed to occur once an Angel comes into contact with Adam beneath New Tokyo-3, and foretold to be on a scale that will wipe out mankind.

While public perception is that NERV is utilizing the Evangelion Units to combat the Angels in an effort to prevent the Third Impact from occurring, in truth NERV is charged with eliminating the Angels only to execute their own version of the event in the form of the Human Instrumentality Project as dictated by SEELE.

The Third Impact is triggered by the union of Adam and Lilith, resulting in the creation of a supreme being that would succeed all existing forms of life on Earth. The goal of SEELE and NERV is to prevent the Angels from initiating the event so that humankind may do so instead, thus fulfilling the goal of the Human Instrumentality Project. For a human Third Impact to occur, the Angels must be defeated, as they apparently guard the Tree of Life. With the death of Tabris, all Angels are dead, and the Tree of Life becomes accessible.

Evangelion ScreenshotThe Third Impact is a global Anti-AT Field event, dissolving all AT Fields and causing all life to revert to L.C.L. All Souls are then drawn to the Seed of Life for Complementation into the progenitor entity, thus achieving a form of divinity. The Third Impact is considered mankind's Armageddon, a genocide that is depicted in its terrifying glory during the climax of The End of Evangelion.

As the human version of the Third Impact begins, Shinji Ikari is placed at the head of the Tree of Life, composed of himself in Evangelion Unit-01 and Evangelion Units 05-13 crucified with replicas of the Lance of Longinus. Control over the process is placed in Shinji's hands as the median (or sacrifice) of the Third Impact. With the unification of Angels and Humans, god-like power is unlocked: 'The Fruit of Life borne by the Angels, and the Fruit of Knowledge borne by human beings. Eva-01 has acquired both of these gifts, and so has become something to rival the power of God.'

Based on Neon Genesis Evangelion Platinum: 06 DVD Booklet


  • Television Series vs. Films

    The Third Impact occurs in both the television series and the films. While the series only offers glimpses into the event and instead focuses on the Complementation process of the median Shinji Ikari, the films offer a fuller and perhaps a different account (see Alternate Endings).
  • Komm, Sόίer Tod (Come, Sweet Death)

    The End of Evangelion song Komm, Sόίer Tod (Come, Sweet Death) is performed in English by Arianne and has become a staple of the Third Impact and the instrumentality process. While derived in name from an orchestral composition of Bach, the song has an upbeat, catchy tune. The lyrics however, written by Hideaki Anno and loosely translated by Mike Wyzgowski, extensively describe the singer's motivations for suicide.
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