White Moon

Evangelion ScreenshotAppears in Episode: 21

Object GF-01, codenamed the White Moon, is a massive spherical subterranean cavity discovered in 2000 A.D. beneath the South Pole in Antarctica. It has striking similarities to that of the Geo Front located under Japan.

Found inside the White Moon is Adam, the First Angel, and possibly the mysterious Lance of Longinus. During research conducted by SEELE, this cavity is theorized to have been formed around the time of the First Impact, leading to speculation that it may actually be the remains of Theia, the rogue planetoid that had impacted the Earth approximately 4.5 billion years ago.

The White Moon is the egg from which Adam-based life forms (the Angels) are believed to have been born from. Except for a single frame showing an outline of the underground cavity, it is never directly shown in the series, and is considered to have been destroyed during the Second Impact.


  • Definition of Object GF-01

    Object GF-01 is typically considered to be an abbreviation of Geo Front-01. Following this reasoning, the Geo Front under Japan (codenamed the Black Moon) would in turn be designated as object GF-02.
  • Origin of the White Moon

    The White Moon is a seed of life created by the First Ancestor Civilization in their efforts to propagate life across the universe. It is one of two such seeds to have landed upon the Earth. The Black Moon is the other.
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