Episode 02

Evangelion ScreenshotJapanese Title: 見知らぬ、天井 (Mishiranu, Tenjou) (Unfamiliar Ceiling)
English Sub-Title: The Beast
Airdate: October 11, 1995

The episode begins with a dazed Shinji Ikari lying in a hospital recovery room, looking up at an unfamiliar ceiling (thus the title).

Meanwhile clean up and reconstruction efforts are already under way in New Tokyo-3, following the battle with Sachiel the previous night. These efforts are supervised by Misato Katsuragi and Ritsuko Akagi. Meanwhile, NERV Commander Gendo Ikari is in conference with the Human Instrumentality Committee, discussing the repercussions of the Angel attack and the manner in which this information will be perceived by the public.

Evangelion ScreenshotAs the meeting continues, Gendo Ikari is accused of mismanaging NERV and Project E due to its staggering costs of development and now repairs. Members of the committee then impress upon Gendo the importance of the mysterious Human Instrumentality Project, and that the Angels were no excuse for delaying that project.

With Shinji Ikari finally awake and about, Misato arrives to pick him up. It becomes clear that his memory of the previous night is fragmented at best. Despite this, it is time to assign Shinji his living quarters, and since his relationship with his father is less than stellar, he is assigned to live alone. Misato takes exception to this, and instead offers that he live with her.

Evangelion ScreenshotAfter yet another scolding by Ritsuko Akagi at the suggestion of putting the moves on Shinji, Misato makes plans for a welcoming party (this of course involves stopping at the store to buy a few extra gallons of beer to last her the night). Back at NERV Headquarters, Gendo Ikari and Ritsuko Akagi discuss the reactivation of Evangelion Unit-00. Ritsuko explains that Rei should recover within twenty days.

At the end of the day, we see a tired Shinji laying on his bed, under yet another unfamiliar ceiling. As he wonders why he is here, his memory begins to return, and the horrific images of the battle with Sachiel flood his mind...

Evangelion ScreenshotAs a panicked Misato and Ritsuko try to eject the pilot, Evangelion Unit-01 stands silent with a gaping hole in its head. With Shinji in shock and the system completely unresponsive, Unit-01 suddenly reactivates.

Evangelion Unit-01 throws itself savagely upon Sachiel. The Angel's attempts to defend itself using its AT Field prove futile. The enraged Unit-01 regenerates its broken arm, tears through Sachiel's AT Field, and proceeds to break its arms. The Angel's blue blood fills the streets of New Tokyo-3 as Unit-01 proceeds to assault its Core.

Evangelion ScreenshotWith its Core cracking under the barrage, the desperate Sachiel jumps onto Evangelion Unit-01 and self-detonates. A huge explosion follows, and a cross of light erupts into the sky. The entirety of NERV and New Tokyo-3 watches in awe as Unit-01 emerges from the inferno.

Back in the NERV hangar, efforts are on the way to secure Evangelion Unit-01 and retrieve its pilot. Meanwhile, among the frantic calls and orders filling the background, Shinji slowly regains consciousness, just in time for the damaged headgear of Unit-01 to finally give way and collapse to the ground.

Evangelion ScreenshotStill in shock from whatever fragments of the battle he can recall, Shinji looks on at the reflection of the exposed head of Evangelion Unit-01, seeing the true face of the monster he is piloting. Moments later a new eye grows into the damaged eye socket, and stares back at him. Shinji lets out a bone chilling scream.

Cutting back to present time, Shinji is in his bed in a cold sweat when Misato suddenly opens the door. She tells him that he did something very good and very noble today, and that he should be proud. Shinji does not answer.

The next day, sitting at the helm of Evangelion Unit-01, a lethargic Shinji listens patiently to combat instructions given by Ritsuko Akagi. Confined to a virtual-reality simulation, Shinji positions the simulated targets in his crosshairs, and destroys them repeatedly. An annoyed Misato glares in the background as Ritsuko explains why she believes Shinji agreed to pilot Evangelion Unit-01 again. Doing simply what he is told, Shinji continues to destroy the simulated targets as they appear.

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