Episode 06

Evangelion ScreenshotJapanese Title: 決戦、第三新東京市 (Kessen, Daisan Shin Tokyo-shi) (Showdown in Tokyo-3)
English Sub-Title: Rei II
Airdate: November 8, 1995

As Shinji Ikari receives medical treatment, NERV Operations Director Misato Katsuragi is left to figure out how to deal with Ramiel, the Fifth Angel, which continues to drill through the surface of New Tokyo-3 and into the Geo Front. She attempts several things, including decoys and long-range mortar bombardment, all of which prove ineffective.

Evangelion ScreenshotRamiel's exceptionally powerful AT Field and long-range particle beam prove impenetrable. The Angel appears to be offensively and defensively perfect, a real flying fortress. Its only weakness is that it is very slow to drill through the many layers of fortified armor protecting the Geo Front, leaving Misato with just under ten hours to figure out how to stop it.

Unable to neutralize Ramiel's AT Field without being subject to its devastating attacks, Misato instead comes up with a plan to use a powerful long-range attack to break through the AT Field by sheer force. The plan involves requisitioning the Strategic Self Defense Force's latest Prototype Self-Propelled Positron Cannon. According to calculations, the cannon will require at least 100,000,000 kilowatts of electricity to penetrate the Angel's AT Field. When asked where she will get so much electricity, Misato smiles and explains that she will get it from all over Japan.

Evangelion ScreenshotAs preparations for the long-range sniper attack commence, Shinji is recovering from his near-fatal ordeal in a NERV medical facility. Rei Ayanami enters his room, giving him a quick briefing of the operation (dubbed Operation Yashima), as well as bringing him some food and a new Plug Suit.

However, Shinji is not fond of the idea of piloting Evangelion Unit-01 again, to which Rei answers that he does not have to, and that she will pilot it if necessary. Shinji is left speechless as she walks away.

With only three hours remaining before Ramiel penetrates into the Geo Front, Misato explains the operational details to Shinji and Rei. Shinji and Evangelion Unit-01 is designated as the gunner due to his higher Sync Ratio, while Rei and Evangelion Unit-00 will carry a massive shield to protect him from the Angel.

Evangelion ScreenshotIn the locker room, as Shinji and Rei change into their Plug Suits, a concerned Shinji remarks that today might be their last day alive. Rei replies that he will not die, because she will be protecting him. Shortly after Japan goes dark as power from all across the country is rerouted for the operation.

As Shinji and Rei prepare to enter their Evangelion Units, Rei calmly says goodbye to him. The eerie finality of the statement leaves Shinji shaken.

Evangelion ScreenshotShinji (onboard Evangelion Unit-01) positions Ramiel in his crosshairs, however just as he fires the giant cannon, a high-energy reaction is detected from inside the Angel. The Angel's particle beam fires in response, causing the two beams to intercept and miss their targets.

As Evangelion Unit-01 prepares to fire again, the Angel finally penetrates into the Geo Front and fires first, intent on destroying Shinji. Fortunately, Rei and Evangelion Unit-00 get between him and the Angel, deflecting the attack with her giant shield.

Evangelion ScreenshotMoments later, as Rei's shield begins to melt under the pressure, Shinji fires a second shot, piercing the Angel's inner Core and causing it to collapse. By that time however Rei's shield had all but melted, leaving Evangelion Unit-00 to suffer extreme damage.

As the remains of Ramiel burn in the distance, a terrified Shinji rushes to Rei's aid. He promptly recovers her Entry Plug, and in an act reminiscent of his father Gendo Ikari several weeks before, burns his hands opening the super-heated hatch. Finding Rei nearly unconscious but alive, he tears up, telling her never to say goodbye before a mission. Rei is left speechless and visibly stunned. For the first time, she sees Shinji in the same light as his father, and manages a gentle smile.

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