Episode 08

Evangelion ScreenshotJapanese Title: アスカ、来日 (Asuka, Rainichi) (Asuka Arrives in Japan)
English Sub-Title: Asuka Strikes!
Airdate: November 22, 1995

Kensuke Aida and Touji Suzuhara are caught-up in the excitement of flying in a military transport helicopter on a field trip led by NERV Operations Director Misato Katsuragi. An irritated Shinji Ikari is also there, though he remains mostly unimpressed as they arrive at their destination, the UN's Pacific Naval Fleet.

Evangelion ScreenshotUpon landing the on one of the Super Carriers, the group meet Asuka Langley Sohryu, the Second Child and pilot of Evangelion Unit-02. In her own charming way, Asuka immediately proceeds to assault Kensuke, Touji, and Shinji for looking up her skirt during an updraft. Touji receives a second beating after pulling down his own pants to give Asuka her change for the overpriced viewing fee.

Misato introduces herself to the commanding Admiral, who sounds more than a little annoyed at being requisitioned for guard duty of one of NERV's toys. However, Misato's official request to transfer Evangelion Unit-02 into her custody is quickly denied. Apparently, the unit was entrusted to the Admiral by NERV-03 in Germany, and he will not transfer it away until reaching Japan. Misato politely agrees, but reminds him that in an emergency NERV's military authority overrides his own.

Evangelion ScreenshotJust then, Ryoji Kaji enters the bridge, putting an already cranky Misato in a bad mood. As the group has coffee in the cafeteria, Kaji brings up the topic of Misato's scandalous sex life, shocking everyone at the table. After the conversation, a frustrated Asuka intercepts Shinji at one of the escalators, ordering him to come with her.

Asuka is apparently feeling a little underappreciated, and drags Shinji off to see her Evangelion Unit-02. As she continues to belittle him and boast about her own superior abilities as a pilot, an underwater shockwave rattles the ship. The two immediately make their way out on the deck, witnessing the destruction of several other vessels in the fleet. Shinji instinctively comments that it is an Angel, and that they need to go back and find Misato. Asuka recognizes this as an opportunity to prove herself, and drags Shinji back into the ship to change into her Plug Suit.

Evangelion ScreenshotThe commanding Admiral proves stubborn enough to resist Misato's help, instead launching torpedoes against the Angel. A concerned Ryoji Kaji watches from the deck of one of the ships. While on the phone, he comments that conventional weapons are useless against this enemy.

In the meantime, Asuka and Shinji board Evangelion Unit-02, with Asuka intent on displaying her amazing piloting skills to Shinji. Back in his room, Ryoji Kaji talks on the phone with NERV Commander Gendo Ikari, saying that he did not expect to see an Angel. Gendo in turn replies that he has offered him enough protection, including Evangelion Unit-02 and a spare pilot (his own son Shinji Ikari). Gendo then states that Kaji could always escape by himself.

Evangelion ScreenshotGaghiel, the Sixth Angel continues its assault on the fleet as both Asuka and Shinji manage to activate Evangelion Unit-02. With Gaghiel hot on its trail, Evangelion Unit-02 proceeds to jump from one vessel to another, until it reaches the main Super Carrier where Misato is on, where an external power supply is set up and waiting.

As Asuka attaches the Umbilical Cable however, the massive Gaghiel jumps out of the water, covering nearly the entirety of the vessel's massive deck. The impact is great enough to knock Evangelion Unit-02 into the water. Gaghiel then proceeds to pull Evangelion Unit-02 across the bottom of the ocean until its Umbilical Cable runs out, leaving it to sink.

Evangelion ScreenshotAt that moment, a Harrier jet takes off from the flight deck, with Ryoji Kaji onboard. A shocked Misato can only watch as Kaji tells her to take care of the rest.

Underwater, Gaghiel comes around for another pass, attempting to swallow Evangelion Unit-02. It succeeds partially, leaving it hooked on the Umbilical Cable like a fish. A quick thinking Misato takes charge of the operation, ordering two of the remaining battle ships to be evacuated. She plans to sink these ships in line with the Umbilical Cable, thus allowing Gaghiel to swallow them, and then remotely activating their cannons to deal a decisive blow against its Core. While the plan sounds preposterous, the Admiral cooperates nonetheless.

Evangelion ScreenshotAs the two battleships sink towards the Angel, a half-swallowed Evangelion Unit-02, with both Asuka Langley Sohryu and Shinji Ikari onboard, is expected to neutralize the Angel's AT Field and force open its mouth so that the ships can assault the Core. Fortunately, at the last moment Evangelion Unit-02 does just that. A massive explosion follows Gaghiel's demise, sending Evangelion Unit-02 up to the surface, crashing into the deck of one of the remaining vessels.

Upon arrival at New Yokosuka, Japan, Ritsuko Akagi inspects the damage to the UN Pacific Fleet in awe. Fortunately, as Misato Katsuragi points out, they had gathered vast amounts of data, including a new Sync Ratio record.

Evangelion ScreenshotBack at NERV Headquarters, Ryoji Kaji delivers a mysterious case directly to Gendo Ikari, citing the possibility that the entire incident with Gaghiel may have been caused by what is inside that case. Incidentally, the case contains the dormant but still living embryo of Adam, the First Angel.

The next day at school Kensuke, Touji, and Shinji discuss the trip, and how they are glad not to have to see Asuka again, who Touji describes as a female dog. A few moments later, they are shocked to meet their new classmate, the ever-charming Asuka Langley Sohryu.

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