Episode 10

Evangelion ScreenshotJapanese Title: マグマダイバー (Magma Diver)
English Sub-Title: Magma Diver
Airdate: December 6, 1995

Asuka Langley Sohryu manages to drag Ryoji Kaji on what she calls a date, which includes lunch and a shopping spree for her new swim suit. During this time, Asuka tells Kaji how excited she is about the school fieldtrip to Okinawa.

Back at Misato Katsuragi's apartment, Asuka flips out when she is informed by Misato that she cannot go on the fieldtrip. Evangelion pilots are apparently on standby at all times. Frustrated, Asuka asks why they must always be on the defensive, commenting that the best defense is a good offense. While Misato agrees, she explains there is nothing they can do about it.

Evangelion ScreenshotAs class 2-A leaves for their fieldtrip, Asuka, Shinji, and Rei are left behind. Rei and Asuka take the opportunity to swim in the school's swimming pool while Shinji (who is also there), takes the time to study his physics homework. Asuka, sporting her new sexy swim suit, shocks Shinji by easily solving one of his physics problems. Shinji asks how she can know this and not make good grades on her tests. Asuka confesses that she has not mastered the Japanese language yet and has a hard time understanding the questions, explaining that it was not part of her curriculum in college. Shinji is shocked to learn that she already graduated college. Shinji then gets embarrassed when Asuka starts talking about a physics question regarding thermal expansion, using her breasts as an example.

Evangelion ScreenshotIn the meantime, NERV Operations Director Misato Katsuragi is investigating a possible Angel sighting inside a nearby volcano. Though she destroys a probe in the process, she does manage to confirm the presence of the dormant Angel.

NERV Commander Gendo Ikari speaks with the Human Instrumentality Committee, trying to convince them this is their opportunity to go from a state of perpetual defense to an offensive posture, and that obtaining a living Angel as a sample would be invaluable. While hesitant, the committee agrees, stressing that failure is not an option.

Evangelion ScreenshotRitsuko Akagi meets with Rei, Shinji, and Asuka, explaining that their first priority is the capture of this as of yet unhatched Angel. She also states that should the capture fail, the Angel must be destroyed immediately. Surprisingly however, she selects Asuka for the mission, leaving Shinji and Rei in support or backup roles.

After Asuka is shown her new heat-resistant Plug Suit and the Type-D heat-resistant equipment for Evangelion Unit-02, she quickly changes her mind, saying that she will not appear in public in such stupid things, and this is the sort of thing Shinji is for. But when Rei Ayanami unexpectedly volunteers to take her place, Asuka becomes defensive, declaring that the only way Rei will ever pilot her Evangelion Unit-02 is over her dead body.

Evangelion ScreenshotEvangelion Unit-02 and its backup Evangelion Unit-01 arrive by air at the volcano, with Misato Katsuragi in the control room. As preparations are underway to submerge Evangelion Unit-02 into the volcano, Shinji notices planes in the sky. Ritsuko Akagi explains that those planes belong to the U.N. Forces, and that they will be standing by in case NERV fails. When Asuka asks if they are there to help, Ritsuko answers that they will use N² Weapons to destroy the Angel, and them in the process. This draws a less than enthusiastic reaction from both Shinji and Asuka.

Evangelion ScreenshotAs Evangelion Unit-02 is slowly lowered into the volcano, it quickly becomes apparent that NERV's calculations as to the estimated depth of the Angel were incorrect. Despite this Misato continues the operation, ordering Evangelion Unit-02 to be lowered further, past the allowable safety limits. Despite objections from the NERV staff, Asuka agrees with Misato, stating confidently that she can go on.

Asuka and Evangelion Unit-02 continue to descend deeper into the volcano, eventually spotting the Angel and proceeding with the capture operation. However just as the Angel is captured inside the electro-magnetic container and Asuka declares the operation a success, the Angel suddenly begins to grow, and breaks free of the cage.

Evangelion ScreenshotMisato is quick to terminate the capture operation, instead ordering Evangelion Unit-02 to prepare for combat. Unfortunately, Evangelion Unit-02 had already lost its Progressive Knife during the descent, and has no other weapons. As Shinji in Evangelion Unit-01 throws down his own Progressive Knife to Asuka, Sandalphon, the Eight Angel, begins its assault.

Even once Shinji's Progressive Knife arrives; it proves to have no effect against Sandalphon's super-heated exterior.

Evangelion ScreenshotThinking back to his physics class, Shinji tells Asuka to use the concept of thermal expansion, during which objects expand when heated and contract when cooled. Asuka manages to direct some of her coolant at Sandalphon, weakening the Angel enough to allow her Progressive Knife to puncture its exterior.

Within moments, Sandalphon is incinerated by the heat of the molten lava, but not before tearing through Asuka's Umbilical Cable. The cable supplied Evangelion Unit-02 with electricity and coolant, but also served to ascend it back to the surface. As Asuka declares Sandalphon to be destroyed, she also concedes herself to be done for.

Evangelion ScreenshotJust as the cable snaps completely and Evangelion Unit-02 begins to fall into the volcano, an unprotected and evil looking Evangelion Unit-01 jumps into the lava to rescue them. Asuka smiles as she calls Shinji a show-off.

Several hours later Misato takes Shinji and Asuka to the hot springs in Oomiya as a reward for a job well done. As Asuka and Misato bathe, Asuka notices a scar on Misato's chest. Misato explains that it happened during the Second Impact. It is then that Asuka asks if Misato knows about her past. Misato replies that it is part of her job, but also that the past is just that—in the past.

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