Episode 15

Evangelion ScreenshotJapanese Title: 嘘と沈黙 (Uso to Chinmoku) (Lies and Silence)
English Sub-Title: Those Women Longed
for the Touch of Others' Lips and
Thus Invited Their Kisses
Airdate: January 10, 1996

As NERV Commander Gendo Ikari and Vice Commander Kouzou Fuyutsuki are on a military transport helicopter, Kouzou mentions that Kiel Lorenz of the Human Instrumentality Committee has approached him, concerned about the delays and even hinting at Gendo's dismissal. Gendo explains that the Adam Revival project is going well, and that work on the Dummy System is proceeding. When Kouzou explains they are concerned over the Human Instrumentality Project, Gendo replies that all the projects are linked, and that there are no problems. Kouzou then brings up Rei Ayanami, but quickly backs down when Gendo does not reply. Instead, he asks what to do about Ryoji Kaji. Gendo simply replies to let him be for now.

Evangelion ScreenshotBack in Kyoto, Ryoji Kaji investigates the headquarters of Shannon Bio Inc., a foreign chemical firm (on paper anyway). The headquarters as he finds out is a rundown wooden storage shack where he finds one of his associates, an elderly female that has been investigating the Marduk Institute.

She tells him that so far 106 out of the 108 corporations affiliated with the Marduk Institute have turned out to be dummy corporations. As he looks through the list of board of directors for the fake company, three names stand out; Gendo Ikari, Kouzou Fuyutsuki, Kiel Lorenz. The woman then reminds Kaji that his task is to investigate NERV, and that getting involved with the Marduk Institute may be ill-advised.

Evangelion ScreenshotAt Public Middle School 1, Asuka Langley Sohryu attempts to call Ryoji Kaji but gets his voice mail. Meanwhile Shinji Ikari observes Rei Ayanami doing her class chores; paying particular attention to how she wrings her cleaning cloth.

Later that day at NERV Headquarters, Ritsuko Akagi and Misato Katsuragi supervise a routine Sync Ratio test of the three pilots. Ritsuko casually asks what dress Misato will be wearing for the wedding tomorrow. Misato answers that all the weddings lately have been killing her bank account, as if everyone is in a rush to get married. As the test concludes and the pilots are dismissed, Ritsuko notices that Shinji is more subdued than normal. Misato replies that tomorrow is the day; the anniversary of his mother's death.

Evangelion ScreenshotAfter the test, as Shinji and Rei are on an elevator, Shinji tells her that tomorrow he will see his father. He then asks what he is like, since he has seen her talking with him and enjoy it. Rei answers that she does not know, but now realizes why he has been watching her the whole day. Shinji nods, mentioning that the way she wringed the cloth at school reminded him of a mother.

Misato arrives home late, asking Asuka if Shinji is in his room. Asuka replies that he has been there since he came back, and that she does not think he is very happy about seeing his father tomorrow. Asuka comments that he simply should not go if he hates him, to which Misato replies that Shinji does not hate his father, and that may be the problem.

Evangelion ScreenshotThe next day Misato and Ritsuko are both at their friend's wedding reception, with Misato being somewhat flustered that her date, Ryoji Kaji, is late as usual. When Kaji does finally arrive, explaining that he had some trouble getting off work on time, Misato scolds him for not being shaved. Amused, Ritsuko comments that the two act as if they were already married.

Meanwhile Shinji and his father Gendo are at the cemetery, visiting the grave of Yui Ikari. Gendo comments that it has been three years since they were last here. Shinji explains that he has not been back since then because he just does not feel like his mother is resting here, and that he does not even remember her face. Gendo replies that forgetting is man's way of surviving, but that some things a man should never forget, and that Yui taught him about the irreplaceable things.

Evangelion ScreenshotLater that afternoon Shinji is back at Misato's apartment, where he is playing his Cello. As Asuka returns from her date (whom she abandoned because she thought he was boring), she comments she did not know Shinji played, and that she is a little impressed. Shinji replies that he started when he was five because a teacher told him to, but played since then because no one told him to stop.

Ritsuko, Misato and Kaji are still drinking at the wedding party as the evening goes on. As Misato makes a quick exit to the ladies room, Ritsuko and Kaji have a heart-to-heart. Ritsuko says that Misato is drinking too much and is losing control, to which Kaji replies that sometimes you have to drink to keep yourself under control. Ritsuko concedes that since they used to live together, he would know her best. She then asks why he was in Kyoto. Before Kaji can deny it, she tells him that he will be burned if he gets too involved, and that that is the advice of a friend.

Evangelion ScreenshotAs Misato returns, Ritsuko takes her leave, claiming to have to get back to work.

Later that night a drunken Misato throws up in an alley. As she and Kaji walk home, Misato confesses that the reason they broke up was a lie, and that there was no one else. She explains that he reminded her too much of her father, and that had scared her because she hated her father. She then joined NERV to try to sever those ties and avenge herself against the Angels. As Misato begins to break down emotionally, criticizing herself to be a horrid woman, Kaji tells her to stop and kisses her.

Evangelion ScreenshotBack at the apartment, a bored Asuka asks Shinji if he wants to kiss her. Confused, Shinji asks why, to which Asuka replies because she has nothing else to do. After a few moments of comic relief involving Pen², an out of breath Shinji, and a disgusted Asuka, Kaji and a barely-standing Misato return from their date.

Kaji leaves Misato in her bed to sleep it off. Although Asuka asks Kaji to also spend the night, he insists on leaving. As she tries to convince him otherwise, she notices the scent of Misato's lavender perfume on him, leaving her visibly shaken. Kaji leaves, asking Shinji to take care of Misato.

The next day at school, Rei Ayanami is once again absent. She is in fact deep inside NERV Headquarters with Gendo Ikari, floating in a tank of L.C.L.

Evangelion ScreenshotMeanwhile Kaji is caught by Misato trying to gain access into a highly classified area of NERV known as Terminal Dogma. With Misato pointing a gun to his head, Kaji explains that although he is a spy for the Japanese Government, Gendo is using him for his own ends. He then apologizes for keeping this a secret from her.

Misato says she will let it slide for his help last night, to which Kaji replies there is something Ritsuko and Gendo are keeping from her as well. He then swipes the access card, opening the doors to Terminal Dogma. Misato is shocked to see the crucified form of Lilith, the Second Angel before her. Kaji (who is himself misinformed), says that this is Adam, the First Angel. Misato admits that she does not know NERV anymore.

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